Bully For Him

I had a gentleman come to my booth looking for an English Bull Dog. While I couldn't help him, he told me about recently loosing his Bully of 15 years. It seems he found and ad on Craig's List for a Bully and price was $500. He called the woman owner who told him to come get it, the sooner the better. He headed out to her house and when he got there found her on the porch, yelling at the dog who was under the house. When he asked here to get him out, she told him if he could get the dog out he could have it for free. Sizing up the situation, he went to his truck, opened the passenger door, hollared for the dog and watch as the Bully came flying out from under the house and right into the passenger seat. Closing the door and thanking the lady, he drove off. The perfect begining of a 15 year partnership and the price was right.

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